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After the goods from China come to our inventory, the goods will be scanned and ready for customers to make a request for a packaged product. Customers will be informed whether they will be accepted or will be delivered according to the local transport service we work with.

After the customer submits a request for a complete package, the company will calculate the shipping cost from China and the local shipping fee and tell the customer to pay. Then we will deliver as specified by customer. The local transportation services we work with include:

Laos domestic delivery has cooperated with Mexai shipping company to provide a diversified range of customers. By opening a service point across all provinces to facilitate procurement, find good source and shipments from China and from Thailand to customers without further shipping costs. Especially the facilitation of delivery within Laos.

current point of service Mexai and Me.Asia

Vientiane Capital Office

020 28225656

Ban Nongviengkham, Saythany Dist.

020 22302278


Ban Xaymoungkhoun, Kaisonphomvihane,

020 22302281 / 020 95566553


Ban Kokpho, Salavan Dist.

020 22302283 / 020 54939991

020 59872859


Ban Sivilay, Paksan Dist.

020 22302280 / 020 55533932


Ban Seno, Outhoumphone Dist.

020 23497234 / 020 54555254


Ban Huamuangmai, Lamane Dist.

020 22302285 / 020 99999153

020 99996356


Ban Nabong, Thakhek Dist.

020 22302280 / 020 56313444


Ban Tha Oudom, Nakhorn Pakse

020 22302284 / 020 95318989


Ban Seyai, Samukhixay

020 22302279 / 020 99616191

Domestic delivery rates

Calculate Express as box

Box size L + W + H Max. (cm)
Max. Weight (KG)
Logistics Cost
Envelop / Mini 40 cm 1KG 20,000 ₭/parcel
Seal Bag/ s 65 cm 5KG 25,000 ₭/parcel
S+ 80 cm 10KG 30,000 ₭/parcel
M 95 cm 15KG 35,000 ₭/parcel
M+ 115 cm 15KG 40,000 ₭/parcel
L 140 cm 20KG 50,000 ₭/parcel
XL 160 cm 25KG 60,000 ₭/parcel
Over Size xxx xxKG xxx,xxx

Logistics Calculator (as KG)

Logistics Cost
26-35 KG 2,500₭ /KG
36-50 KG 2,250₭ /KG
51-60 KG 2,000₭ /KG

Maximum weight calculated: (L x W x H) / 6000

Exceeding the weight of the Express Calculator exceeds 26 Kg, the Logistic calculation will save over.

Customers in Vientiane We offer 5 km transport service within 5 km, if 5-10 km away, only pay 15,000 kip, we will send home (unlimited weight)

For local shipping conditions, please click here to see the details