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How to place an order

1. Login to the system

2. Browse, or search for products you would like to buy. 

3. Add products to your cart, until you wish to check out. Then, you check out, by clicking on “Cart” and Click “Buy”

4. You will be asked “Are you sure you want to buy the product?”, click “Ok” 

5. In the order confirmation page, you will be asked if you accept if the price and domestic in China gone up and how many percentage. If so the system will deduct your e-wallet balance to pay for the extra. This will help fastern the ordering process. If not, there will be delay of your order, because we need to get confirmation from you.

6. Next, there is an optional option regarding the insurance, you can select or not select depend on what you prefer. Then click “Confirm”

7. The system will register your order and you need to go to next step of payment. If you wish to pay right away, you can proceed so.

Please note that, there will two options of payment available, one is ME-wallet which you need to top up your credit before payment. Another is Paypal which you can use your credit to pay.

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