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Privacy Policy

After the client has subscribed to membership, he / she will have his / her own member account as an email to apply for in order to log in. Customers are legally responsible for any incident related to their User Profile and Password. Therefore, the customer should keep a good user account and password, not prohibit other people if the customer finds that the password is stolen or forgotten, please change the timely password, the customer can change the customer's password at any time, or the customer can not use the account, and then create a new account. website places importance on keeping personal information private, maintaining the personal information of members on the site is our responsibility. Your personal information will be protected by relevant laws of Lao PDR.

In addition to the following, we will not disclose personal information of members

  • • Get permission from members.

  • • Legal authorities ask to provide information.

  • • In emergency situations, customer and public safety must be maintained.

  • • website ensures that the site will be able to access it regularly, if there is a problem, we will try to fix it in time and ensure that customers can actually order us from us, but what we can not guarantee is as follows::

  • • Use of Customer Accounts is responsible for all risks, such as not keeping inaccuracies, causing personal and personal data loss.

  • • website does not guarantee that all activities on the site will be exhausted, nor will it ensure that your service will be unavailable to you and that the information is accurate, timely and complete.

  • • The information or links on the site are from our site or another site and use google translate in translation for convenience only. It is not the site's own information, so we do not guarantee that everything will be completely gone.

  • • If the customer gives incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, and other misleading information to the customer, the Customer is liable for damages, the member is responsible..

  • • No warranty is warranted on the part of the person outside the computer, and computer viruses and government policy require that the site be temporarily disabled, resulting in no regular service, no use of the site, deleted information and so on.

  • • No warranties of warranty of access to the Customer's Web Site, such as sales, payment, service, business conditions, warranties and other advertising are only interactions between members and advertisers, and we will not be responsible for such advertising.

  • • website is responsible for all members' services, but is not responsible for the distribution of third party needs, third-party services, Third-party audio streams.