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For every issues occurred with customer service and logistic, see them as a challenge to improve the service. try our best to resolve any issues. We have a follow-up procedure to check in each department.We understand all issues occurred with old system and already experience them.We develope the new system for resolving most of the issues occured that old system can not do. Eg: Update your order status slowly. (Using our E-Wallet function, you can confirm your order at anytime). When the product procurement has issue the system will detect and get resolve sooner. Every product status is 99% correct.

These are potential issues, and our problem solving procedure:


1. Order late, after payment is made gaurantee the purchasing from China within 24 hours after payment is made. Remark: not included public holiday and Sunday.

2. The shop sent wrong product

We will help coordinate with sellers, and negotiate to get them responsible for the products, and help pass on your review comments to the shop regarding their services.

There might be price changes - product price and domestic delivery cost in China

With our updated system, before you confirm your order, please do pay attend to the option (If the price up, allow us to deduct from your E-Wallet to fasten the purchasing process). If you do not select and remark how many percentage. There is a change we will cancel your order and you need to reorder with update price.

E-Wallet System

E-Wallet is a electronic wallet (not new, but updated). E-Wallet will be use for every payment for our order, logistic cost or any extra charge for price up. Whenever cancel your order, the cancel amount will be auto top up to your credit balance. You have a full control of paying, top up, withdraw and track your transactions.

1.If you curious with any amount from top-up, withdraw or refund, order payment or logistic cost, please contact our service center.You have the right to ask for your E-Wallet transaction investigation, if you are not sure with anything.

2. The confirmation of E-Wallet top up delay. If you top up as cash at ME office, we will do it immediately at counter. If you request to top up via bank transfer, please capture the transfer receipt and send us. We will process the confirmation of top up wihtin 24 hours of working days.

3. Refund to E-Wallet late when there is order cancellation, eg. ordered product out of stock or price is up or any causes, will request to get refund from or process from or could take a week or two. We take risk to refund our customer prior to get the refund from or


Logistic is a key factor of service. Most delay cases are caused by the external factors, which is out of control.

External Factors

1. Late delivery by sellers

2. We did not get notified that the products out of stock

3. The ordered product is a pre-order item. Thus, it takes time for the seller to deliver.

4. The seller did not process our order. has developed a new function which enable us to check and follow up with sellers

Additionally, we dedicate some of our staff to follow up the seller to prevent this issues.

5. Strict custom at borders - They check for a copy right product and illegal products.

6. Public holiday in China. We will post notification on our Facebook page and website; thus, you can plan your procurement.

7. Domestic delivery - eg. Kieng kayak (Laos), Kerry (Thailand) or any delivery services deliver the product late. Please let us know once you receive the package.

8. Any damage occurred during the transportation, we will compensate according to our terms and conditions.

9. Accident during the transportation is also one of the

Internal Factors

1. Unlike previous system, allows our team to update the status of each item individually. You can request for packing at anytime when we have registered the item to the system.

2. Lost items - There could be a chance that items might lost during the transportation or in the warehouse. system help us to check and saperate correctly to prevent that occurred. If any issues about the item, the system will notify us.

3. Sensitive item or easy to broken - our logistic team is trying to take of every package with care at decent level.

If you order any sensitive product, please let us know so that we can arrange with seller to better pack.

4. Follow up Shipping We have merge to one system, which allow customers and us better follow up all items.

The status of the item is 99% accurate.

Customer Service

1. Impolite Service

If customers are facing impolite service, please let our management know for improvement.

2. Slow service

If the response is slow because of our customer service not care, please let us know. If it is slow because of too busy, you can refer to our FAQ Or if you need to track your order, you can do yourself by login your account.

3. Technical Issues

Our system is developed and linked to Taobao and other websites in China. Thus, sometimes their system update and it required ours to be updated.Moreover, we continues to develop our system. We sometimes introduce new features and it might not 100% functional, if you are facing any technical issue, please let us know.

1. System Issues

If you come across any system errors, please send us a notice or comments for our system developer.

2. If clients do not understand the new system prepare adequate information and training guideline for our customers to learn how to use our system. Moreover, we also produce training videos. However, if you would like to contact us for more details please do so, by chating with our customer service.

3. Comments for system

If you found a useful function, please feel free to comment and submit your request. We will consider and talk to our developer.

In conclusion, these are most of the issues that might be occured in each department. We have updated system to prevent them to happen. With updated and modern system, we follow, prevent and solve problems. If you found any difficulty, system error. We would love to hear your comments for better service.

Thank you for trusting Together with, grow your business.