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Total:0 Check Out is a procurement agency helping SMEs to procure products famous website like:,, & and from factories or shops in China. also offer China-Laos & China-Thailand logistic services. is not a direct seller; thus, the return policy depend on the cases

What we cover
With insurance 5%
Without insurance
If a parcel is lost during the transportation, will we compensate product cost 100%? No, but we will compensate 3 times of the logistic cost.
If a parcel is scratched or not function properly due to the transportation, will compensate for fixing. No, but we will compensate 3 times of the logistic cost.
If procure a wrong product for you, will compensate 100%? If the customer willing to buy it, will not charge for the logistic cost from China.
If Chinese seller send the wrong product specification, will compensate 100%? No, but we will help coordinate with the seller for the issues.
If Chinese seller did not send the purchased products, will compensate 100%? *** Yes, will refund into customer’s E-Wallet

What we will not cover
Quality of the products
Train or install the product

If there is anything regarding terms of service and insurance, please contact us.